Cardinals’ president hopes for early, televised rematch against the Panthers

Deone Bucannon

The Arizona Cardinals played in excellent form most of the 2015 season and through their first playoff game in the postseason. However, that all came to a screeching halt when the Carolina Panthers handed the Cardinals’ behinds to them on a platter in the NFC Championship round when Arizona lost (49-15).

Hoping for a chance for the Cardinals to redeem themselves, president Michael Bidwell didn’t hold back his excitement about a potential early-season televised matchup:

“Well, I think the league has a history of re-matching championship games early in the season, so I would expect that we’ll see a rematch early,” Bidwill said on KMVP-FM (h/t Conor Orr of NFL.com). “Hopefully it’s going to be on national television. I don’t care when it is, but I’d love to see that and we’ll have to go back there — hopefully with a pass rush — and have a much different result.”

A much different result indeed would be the plan. Carolina completely annihilated Arizona when the team inflicted one grizzly turnover after another during what was a horrific performance in particular from Carson Palmer.

Though, if the Cardinals sought payback, they got it in a minor way when the Panthers completely crumbled against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. For that, the Panthers are surely seeking a revenge matchup of their own in 2016 against the Broncos.

For fans, either one of both of these potential games landing on the schedule would make for some must-see NFL TV next fall.