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Cam Newton needs shoulder surgery, to be held out of OTAs

Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers have been dealt some alarming news. A shoulder injury will keep quarterback Cam Newton out of the team’s OTAs.

He’ll need surgery to repair the damage, reports NFL.com, and Adam Schefter reports it’s for a partially torn rotator cuff.

In and of itself,  Newton — a veteran and former league MVP — missing OTAs is not a big deal at all. Additionally, while Newton won’t be on the field, he’ll still be around the team.

The problem comes with why he’s missing them. Newton was clearly banged up throughout the 2016 season. Now, he hasn’t played a game in nearly three months, but his shoulder is still hurt and surgery means it’s not a minor issue.

That’s not exactly good news for a team as it relates to the franchise quarterback.

If nothing else, this gives us something to pay attention to. How well will Newton heal between OTAs and training camp? There’s plenty of time between them, so he should be fine. But it’s something that needs to be monitored.