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Cam Newton drawing interest from Panthers, Seahawks

Andrew Buller-Russ

The spotlight on Cam Newton dimmed nearly as quickly as when the 2015 NFL MVP rose to fame. Typically teams are falling over each other to add a 33-year-old quarterback with as many career accomplishments as Newton, but that hasn’t been the case for the past few seasons.

After suffering a shoulder injury to his AC joint in 2016, Newton noted the injury has been a part of him ever since based on comments in 2021, but he’s still pursued every opportunity to continue his playing career, as he did by making five starts with the Carolina Panthers in 2021.

Now once again an unrestricted free agent, Newton hopes to find another team to sign with for the 2022 football season.

According to Sheena Quick, the two teams with the most interest in signing the three-time Pro Bowl QB are the Panthers and Seattle Seahawks. Both teams are in need of better quarterback play in 2022, and their current penciled-in starters may not be able to get the job done.

Down below we break down how Newton would fit in with either franchise.

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Can Cam Newton help the 2022 Carolina Panthers?

We’ve seen this one play out before. Twice now actually. The Panthers would be better off letting Newton find a new home in 2022.

It would be different if Newton could generate more passing touchdowns or improve his completion rate, but there’s no indication that the 33-year-old version of Newton won’t be any better than a 24-year-old version of Sam Darnold.

Even more so, the Panthers would be wise to allow third-round rookie Matt Corral to get all the reps he can get. Even though Newton offers a different skill set, which could be a deadly duo with a healthy Christian McCaffrey, they would be better off getting Corral some valuable time instead as they try to build a better future in Carolina.

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Are the Seattle Seahawks the best fit for Cam Newton?

If the Seattle Seahawks commit to the run game, Newton can be a big help. But if the Seahawks are suddenly attempting to air the ball out more often without Russell Wilson, Newton is likely a bad fit. But this is not the expected approach in offensive coordinator Shane Waldron’s second season in town.

The Seahawks are likely to start either Drew Lock or veteran retread Geno Smith in 2022. Neither offer a particularly high ceiling, and Newton has shown an ability to outplay both of them, but how would the locker room feel about signing a new QB off the streets and handing him the starting gig? It wouldn’t look like a team trying to win a Lombardi, but the Seahawks already don’t have a chance.

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From Newton’s perspective, the Seahawks would be the best fit available. He’d get to hide his weaknesses by benefiting from a run-first mentality while having the fallback of two very talented wideouts in Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, plus any opportunity to receive more playing time cannot be turned down for a player like Newton whose market isn’t exactly red-hot.

If the Seahawks truly do have interest in signing Cam Newton, he should rush to the facility and sign the deal already as they present his best opportunity to see the field, and possibly even win the starting gig for good, or at least for the duration of the 2022 season until he’s replaced by a new rookie in 2023.

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