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Cam Newton’s agent compares Broncos game to Brett Favre and Bountygate

Cam Newton

Legendary agent Bus Cook represents Cam Newton, who was brutalized by the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football to open the NFL season.

The Broncos repeatedly went after Newton in the game with helmet-to-helmet blows. Watching it play out, this scribe wondered if it was an intentional attack.

Apparently Cook has the same idea.

Newton did endure many hard, illegal hits on Thursday night, and his experience was similar to the one endured by Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship Game.

Whether it was an intentional attack or not is impossible to say for certain at this point. The Broncos did come into the game with a game plan to rattle his cage, at the least.

That the Broncos would try to get Newton out of the game isn’t that shocking a notion. That they were appeared to be specifically targeting his head was disturbing, however.

It was also disturbing that the referees continued to let it happen, time and again, without throwing a flag. And, it was ridiculous that Newton didn’t receive a proper cognitive exam — something the NFLPA and the NFL will be investigating in detail (more on that here).

One wonders where things will go from here. Will the Broncos be investigated as well? Stay tuned. Things could get very interesting.