California HS powerhouse makes history using new tech to optimize brain performance

football on grass field at night with spot lighting

As people become more cognizant of concussions, it’s more important to find ways to limit them in not only professional sports, but at all levels.

To that end, SyncThink, has partnered with Harvard-Westlake in Southern California, which generally ranks as California’s top private high school.

For SyncThink, this will be the first partnership with a high school.

“We are excited to welcome Harvard-Westlake as our first secondary education partner. We recognize the commitment they have made towards optimizing each student’s brain performance – their ability to learn and focus well are critical elements of achieving their academic and athletic goals,” Scott Anderson, SyncThink Chief Clinical Officer, said in a release. “Furthermore, by monitoring these students closely, Harvard-Westlake will be able to offer more substantial support to positively impact impaired attention, or recommend subtle changes in lifestyle behaviors to mitigate the risk of injuries in sport and recreation.”

Something that recent studies have discovered is that not getting proper sleep increases the risk of concussions. This is especially relevant for young people, as the release noted that “72.7% of high school and 57.8% of middle school students don’t meet daily sleep recommendations.”

While it’s SyncThink’s first partnership with a high school, it has previous partnerships with a number of high profile teams and organizations both in and out of the sports world. Outside of sports, SyncThink is partnered with Kaizen Brain Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Health Care, The Tanner Clinic, Walter Reed and Washington Township Medical Foundation.

Inside of sports, the Premier Lacrosse League, Pac-12 Conference (and 10 of its member schools), and colleges such as Georgia, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, North Carolina State, Notre Dame and Texas. In the pro sports world, NBA teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors also have partnerships with SyncThink.