Caleb Sturgis Sustains Hamstring Injury Playing Kickball, But Let’s Not Freak Out

By David Kenyon

When a player sustains a freak injury, hindsight is our best friend.

Miami Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis hurt his quadriceps during a team-organized kickball game and will be sidelined through June 18—the end of offseason practices—according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Jackson said the issue shouldn’t affect Sturgis’ status for training camp.

“Sturgis will resume activity in two to three weeks and is optimistic about being ready for training camp, barring a setback.”

As people start to catch wind of the story, please remember something important: If the Dolphins played kickball nine more times, Sturgis would more than likely avoid an injury nine times.

Why risk it? some might ask. Why not go to a movie or play arcade games, as Jackson suggests.

Well, it’s kickball. Unless you want to ban the sport from recess—and please, for the love of sport, do not start a petition to remove kickball from your local elementary school—just laugh at the unfortunate situation.

And why would an NFL kicker be the one to hurt himself during the game? some might wonder. Well, this was Sturgis’ time to shine. Kickball should be his area of expertise.

You think a professional athlete doesn’t want to show off? Any number of us would want to blast the ball into the next county, even if we were playing against grade-schoolers.

So, let’s chalk up Sturgis’ injury to nothing more than it being a hilarious, unlucky event and move on.

Photo: USA Today Sports