Report: Caitlyn Jenner blaming paparazzi for fatal crash

Caitlyn Jenner is trying to make the case in court that paparazzi is at least partly to blame for the car accident that killed Kimberly Howe on the Pacific Coast Highway.

TMZ obtained court documents that revealed this information.

“Jenner filed new docs in the lawsuit filed by one of the families, claiming a number of paparazzi were driving recklessly to get the prized photo of her behind the wheel.¬†She called the photogs ‘stalkers,’ saying she was ‘visually distracted’ in a situation where split seconds mattered.”

Also being blamed is the driver of the Prius Jenner hit, Jessica Steindorff, who is being accused by Jenner of talking on her cell phone while parked when she should have been moving, per the report.

Jenner was never charged for her role in the accident but is being sued by the family of Howe. Obviously Jenner’s lawyers are seeking to deflect responsibility from their client, hoping to lessen any potential financial sting stemming from the lawsuit.