Buffalo Bills’ Cole Beasley responds to being in COVID-19 protocols

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley, a vocal opponent of the COVID-19 vaccine, has been in the NFL’s health and safety protocols after a staff member tested positive and he was deemed a close contact. Beasley responded to his situation on Thursday, and was critical of the stipulations that are keeping him sidelined.

Responding to fellow wideout Isaiah McKenzie, who was cited by the league for not wearing a mask around the Bills’ facility, Beasley questioned why masks were necessary in the first place based on his specific incident:

One way to “make it make sense” is for Beasley to get vaccinated. Instead, he’s perpetually intent on being defiant in the face of a global pandemic.

Like many misinformed and misguided Americans, Beasley is politicizing the vaccination as a civil liberties-based issue. Which it isn’t.

Maybe someday, Beasley can make it make sense as to how he can possibly view the vaccine in this way.

Meanwhile, Beasley is manufacturing conflict with his teammates. Reigning NFL receiving champion Stefon Diggs has called out Beasley earlier this offseason about his anti-vaccine rhetoric. Apparently, it only egged Beasley on, as he created an anti-vaccination rap to promote his “pro-choice” stance.

Beasley is under the illusion that he’s an independent thinker, when really, he’s being delusional. His antics — and his influence on teammates who listen to his pernicious, ignorant drivel — could wind up dividing the locker room and costing the Bills a chance at the Super Bowl after they went to the AFC Championship Game this past season.

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