Bud Grant Opens up Twitter Account to Advertise his Garage Sale

By Rachel Wold

What better way to get a message about your garage sale out to millions of people than to advertise it on Twitter? Former Minnesota Vikings head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Bud Grant thought it was a brilliant way to spread the word.


Grant has already collected over 5,000 twitter followers when the news broke that he joined Twitter. By the way, it looks like he’s selling some pretty fabulous Vikings memorabilia. Sure to attract hundreds or possibly thousands of people, there could be lines of potential buyers encircling the town.

Explaining why he reached out to Twitter to advertise, Grant stated this (h/t vikings.com).

“I opened it out of necessity,” Grant told the Pioneer Press. “I was looking at the want ads in your paper, and nobody buys the paper for the want ads anymore. So I had to find a way to advertise and get out the word.”

Here’s a few awesome items going up for sale.



What a great spirit. This garage sale should definitely tally up some pretty sweet cash.

Photo: ESPN