Bucks’ Sterling Brown to sue Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is taking matters into his own hands following a January incident with the local police department in which Brown says officers used a stun gun on him without “provocation.”

According to this report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Brown is now suing the Milwaukee Police Department.

“Bucks rookie Sterling Brown plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department as a result of being tased and arrested in January, his attorney confirmed,” the report read.

Authorities used a stun gunĀ and arrested the 23-year-old guard during questioning over a parking violation in a Walgreens parking lot back in late January. Body cam footage of the incident is expected to be released to the public on Wednesday. Those close to the situation are concerned that said footage will not paint the MPD in the best of lights.

Those investigating the incident from within the police department have not asked for the DA’s office to file criminal complaints against the officers involved in the incident.

Whether the footage set to be released Wednesday and what promises to be public outcry changes this remains to be seen.