WATCH: Tom Brady shows off absurd skills playing catch with Jugs machine

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady hoisted his seventh Lombardi Trophy and won his fifth Super Bowl MVP on a fully torn MCL. With his knee fully recovered from surgery, the greatest quarterback in NFL history is doing more unbelievable things before his age-44 season.

Brady, who turns 44 on Aug. 3, just completed a trip to the White House that included shots at former President Donald Trump and some jabs at teams that passed on him. With the 2021 NFL season approaching and training camp underway, the future Hall of Famer is proving his accuracy is still on point.

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The videos look wildly similar to commercials NFL players took part in a decade ago. Former NFL quarterback Mike Vick once threw footballs so hard it sent receivers flying backward several yards. NFL.com delivered “Pick Me” commercials years ago, featuring Chris Cooley making a catch through drywall, Laurence Maroney diving through open car windows and Mason Crosby drilling kicks to hit a clock tower.

  • Tom Brady stats (2020): 4m633 passing yardsm 40 passing touchdowns, 102.2 passer rating and 65.7 percent completion rate

While Brady’s video is almost certainly edited, there’s no denying he is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history. After completing 66.3 percent of his passes and posting a 20-5 TD-INT ratio in his final seven regular-seasons starts last season, we expect to see that same marksmanship in 2021.