Bruce Arians is the “cool uncle” for new Cardinals wide receiver

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of USA Today: Once 9-1, the Cardinals now need to worry about making the playoffs.

New Arizona Cardinals free agent wide receiver Trevor Harman is the grandson of Dennis Arians, who happens to be Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians brother.  This makes the wide receiver Arians’ nephew, or grand-nephew to be technically correct.

Since with the Cardinals, Harman has been treated by Arians like any other member of the team. Other players refer to Arians as a “cool uncle”, however Harman refers to Arians as “coach.”

Harman had this to say when asked about his rapport with Arians via the Arizona Republic

“The only time we talk is when he’s yelling at me.”

Other players like Cardinals’ veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald are enjoying poking fun at the relationship via

“This morning he (Fitzgerald) called me an informant, which is kind of cool. Then he put a note on the whiteboard that said, ‘Whatever happens here, whatever is said here has to stay here.’ And they (the other receivers) looked at me.”

“I’m like, Man, this is never going to end.”

Harman should relish in the fame because it is going to be tough to make the final cut to the roster due to the extreme depth the Cardinals already have at that position.

Coming off of 17 college records from Division II at Shippenburg, Pennsylvania University, Harman led in receptions with 321 and tallied the highest receiving touchdowns with 61. It is reported that Harman did not receive a signing bonus.

Photo: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports