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Browns star joins others recruiting Antonio Brown on Twitter

Rachel Wold
Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

It is difficult to find any NFL news on social media that does not involve Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, whose tenure in Pittsburgh is in question.

Not shy to voice his choice of team for Brown to play on in 2019, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry tossed this juicy tidbit out to Twitter.

Not only would Landry like to get into Brown’s ear, but he suggests running back Le’Veon Bell should consider playing for Cleveland.

Landry’s Browns are of course trending up after finishing with a 7-8-1, third-place in the AFC South. Wouldn’t it be quite a win if the Browns somehow landed Brown from their divisional rival? Throw Bell in there and Cleveland would strike quite the lucrative trifecta.

Landry can dream, right?

This story involving Brown in regards to his future with the Steelers is going to be a hot one to follow in the weeks leading up to the league’s new year. Also look for news involving Bell to start brewing again as well.

Stay tuned.