Browns Rookie CB’ Justin Gilbert Not Sure When He Will Sign

This is an interesting situation, especially under the parameters of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Cleveland Browns first-round pick Justin Gilbert indicated on Fox Sports Ohio on Friday that he has no idea whether a contract will be worked out prior to training camp. 

When asked whether he will sign by training camp, which starts later this summer, Gilbert responded…

I have no idea…They’re still working on it.

This is an odd situation under the new CBA and rookie wage scale. Rarely do we see high-round picks without rookie deals entering July, but it appears that will be the case with Gilbert, who the Browns are relying on to start in 2014.

Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith makes a good point about what the hold up might indicate. 

Players usually agree to the offset language, but the player drafted immediately before Gilbert, Bucs receiver Mike Evans, was able to partially get around the offset language, and it’s possible that Gilbert is looking for the same deal.

Offset language is usually utilized in order to lower the guarantee a player receives in his rookie deal if he is released and signs with another team. This type of language isn’t the norm, and that’s exactly what the issue could be for Gilbert and the Browns.

Photo: USA Today