Browns rookie Antonio Callaway to make NFL debut despite off-field issues

Despite major off-field issues when he was a member of the Florida Gators, the Cleveland Browns selected talented wide receiver Antonio Callaway in the fourth round of April’s draft.

For some, it made a lot of sense. Coming off a 0-16 season, the Browns needed to take some chances in order to save the Titanic from completely sinking. For others, it was just a continuation of front office decisions that have plagued the Browns for the better part of the past quarter century.

With Callaway and his Browns preparing for their first preseason game, the youngster was cited in Ohio on marijuana possession charges while reportedly having gun parts and bullets in his possession this past weekend. Since then, Callaway has claimed that the marijuana was left in his car by others.

Now facing a long suspension by the NFL since he entered the league already in the substance abuse program, Callaway will still make his professional debut Thursday evening against the New York Giants.

There’s certainly a lot of layers to this story. Cleveland seems to believe Callaway’s version of the events. Even then, his track record in Gainesville makes it hard to trust the embattled pass catcher.

The NFL will likely work fast in its investigation of Callaway. And if it finds that he did violate policy, we can expect the rookie to be suspended at some point this season.

Even then, the Browns are fully prepared to see what the rookie mid-round pick has to offer during the preseason.