Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: ‘We’ve not at all given up on Johnny’

By Rachel Wold

Cleveland Browns second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel hasn’t exactly dazzled thus far at training camp. However, the brass in Cleveland don’t appear to be giving up on Johnny Football after just a couple of days of poor production:

“Despite what everybody reads and says, we’ve not at all given up on Johnny,” Haslam said at Browns training camp (via “We think he has the potential to be a good football player. Now, having the potential and doing it are two different things, but I think we’ve said numerous times that you’re not going to win consistently in this league without a good quarterback and we’re trying to make that happen.”

Haslam indicated that the team does not want to pressure Manziel too much and reminded reporters that the quarterback is just 22 years old. Manziel sits behind quarterback Josh McCown in depth, but head coach Mike Pettine did recently hint at the possibility that Manziel could start Week 1.

The Browns finished the 2014 season 7-9 after a promising 7-4 start. Manziel, when given the opportunity to call the signals in 2014, completed only 18 passes for 175 yards, zero touchdowns and two interceptions.

It should be worth monitoring to see if Manziel shows any glimmer of hope when given the opportunity to showcase his skills during the preseason games.

Photo: Getty Images