Browns ‘being manipulated’ into trading up from No. 12 before the draft?


The Cleveland Browns aren’t trading the No. 1 pick away, and now there’s growing momentum that the organization will actually trade up from No. 12 before the draft begins.

ESPN’s Tony Grossi discussed this in a bit of detail, noting a potential scenario in which the Browns end up with the No. 1 and No. 3 picks in the draft.

The San Francisco 49ers own the No. 2 overall pick at this point. There are rumors they are gunning for Mitch Trubisky, but the Niners are also being reported as “desperate” to move down from No. 2, meaning the Trubisky stuff is likely a huge smokescreen. They are certainly creating some disconcerting feeelings within Cleveland, which has been reported as torn about who to take at the top between Trubisky and Myles Garrett.

The Chicago Bears, who own the No. 3 overall pick, have been mentioned among four top teams that are interested in landing Trubisky. So it’s pretty clear other teams at the top of the draft are doing what they can to cause the Browns (or another team) to panic and move up to land the quarterback.

The mind games that go on before the draft are intense. We’ve discussed this in a bit of detail, noting how you can’t really believe anything you read during the NFL’s lying season.

Still, this idea that Cleveland is going to panic and move up from No. 12 seems like it is based on some reality. So it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens this week.