Browns’ Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Want to Look Like a Jackass

By Rachel Wold

To say that Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel was somewhat of a distraction in his first NFL season is a major understatement.

An understatement that he focused on just recently.

Whether it’s been wild parties that he has reportedly attended to missing medical treatments because he overslept, Manziel has to rid himself of that “jackass” reputation.

Manziel pretty much needs to grow up and become accountable or perhaps consider a new career. He even stated as much in an apology to his teammates (via

I’m either going to learn or I’m going to be finding something else to do.

It might be one thing if Manziel had been able to play in more games and really impress his team. However, in the two starts he did receive, he only managed 112 passing yards along with two interceptions and the Browns lost both games.

It’s going to be a long offseason for Manziel, who will have a hard time shaking off what has become a party boy mentality.