Browns’ Gary Barnidge compares Johnny Manziel’s fiery attitude to Tom Brady’s

By Jesse Reed

Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge had an interesting comparison when asked Monday about Johnny Manziel’s sideline outburst in Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Manziel slammed his helmet and then banged his head with one of the sideline Surface tablets after seeing something he didn’t like.

When Barnidge was asked about his quarterback’s show of emotion, he had a tremendous response.

Brady is routinely and roundly praised for his fiery attitude on the sidelines and on the field. When one of his guys doesn’t do their job, he never hesitates to wear his pissed-off emotions on his sleeve. And when he messes up himself he reacts in similar manner to what we saw from young Manziel on Sunday.

Not every player is wired to show that kind of raw emotion. We see many quarterbacks who excel by maintaining a cool demeanor whether it’s smooth sailing or choppy waters, like Mr. Joe Cool himself, Joe Montana.

But many players are do play with that kind of raw fire, including the aforementioned Brady and guys like Steve Smith Sr.

Manziel shouldn’t be criticized for being who he is on the field. His fiery nature is one of the reasons he has the potential to become one of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks. Now he just needs to learn how to stay out of trouble off the field so that his game can match his potential, whether that’s with the Browns or another NFL team going forward.