Browns’ Brian Hoyer Not Likely to Get “The Quick Hook”

The Cleveland Browns have already made it a known fact that they are going with veteran Brian Hoyer in Week 1 against Pittsburgh. And it is likely he’ll remain in throughout the game even if he stumbles up.

Hoyer, who wasn’t overly that impressive during the preseason, has been somewhat assured by head coach Mike Pettine that he won’t be pulled just because of one sub-par performance.

Pettine had this to say regarding his discussions with Hoyer when he was appointed the starting job, as reported by

This is your team, this is your offense. We have his back. We didn’t go with him and just say, ‘Hey, listen. We might do this and see how it goes and after a series, we might switch it back.’ I don’t think you can do that — I know you can’t do that at quarterback. … It’s not going to be a quick hook.

With this said, Pettine has acknowledged that in the NFL players often need to be pushed to work as if they could have their job taken away at anytime. However, he stated “you have to make a longer-term commitment” when it comes to the quarterback position.

With long-term not being clarified by Pettine, we could certainly see a dose of Johnny Manziel after the Browns return from their bye in Week 4 if Hoyer continues to play as he did in the preseason.

Photo: USA Today