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Browns’ Baker Mayfield keeps Hue Jackson drama alive

Vincent Frank
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is not backing away from his criticism of former head coach Hue Jackson.

Following his team’s win over the Bengals on Sunday, Mayfield opened up about how he felt regarding Jackson’s decision to join the Bengals after being fired from Cleveland.

He later expanded on said sentiments.

Now, days after the win over Cleveland, Mayfield still isn’t backing down.

Mayfield also made sure the media and fans know that we’re not privy to what happened behind the scenes with Jackson prior to his departure to Cincinnati.

The rookie has always been a boisterous individual. That’s not going to change simply because he’s under a microscope in Cleveland.

What we do know is that the reigning Heisman winner is better off without Jackson in his ear.

Cleveland has won each of the past two games under interim head coach Gregg Williams with Mayfield accounting for seven touchdowns compared to zero interceptions. That’s what counts, not some drama between the quarterback and his former head coach.