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Brooks Koepka vents frustration about slow play of JB Holmes

Jesse Reed
Brooks Koepka
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks Koepka was clearly frustrated with the methodical, slow play of playing partner JB Holmes during the final round of The Open on Sunday.

Multiple times throughout the round, Koepka was visibly working through that, as Holmes took his time with every little thing, including the move to pick up a ball out of a hole.

Will Gray of the Golf Channel shared that at one point, Koepka signaled to course officials, clearly upset with how slow his playing partner was taking things.

After his final round was over, Koepka opened up a bit about why he was so upset.

“When it’s your turn to hit, your glove is not on, then you start thinking about it,” Koepka said, per the Independent. “That’s where the problem lies. It’s not that he takes that long. He doesn’t do anything until it’s his turn. That’s the frustrating part. But he’s not the only one that does it out here.”

For what it’s worth, Koepka is one of the most free-wheeling guys out there. He is extremely loose and plays more by feel than anything else. So, it’s hardly surprising that he grew increasingly frustrated by Holmes’ deliberate, plodding style.

Despite all that, Koepka joined an exclusive club after finishing in a tie for fourth place at The Open Championship.