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Broncos want revenge against former teammate in preseason game?

Vincent Frank
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will take on Paxton Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks in their preseason opener Thursday evening.

With Seahawks starter Russell Wilson already ruled out for the game, Lynch and fellow former first-round bust Geno Smith will get a bulk of the action.

A member of the Broncos for two seasons after they made him the 26th overall pick back in 2016, this is a reunion of sorts for Lynch.

Just don’t tell that to Broncos defenders. They apparently want to exact revenge against Mr. Lynch in this otherwise meaningless preseason game.


This is a certain level of petty that’s usually reserved for the NBA. Even then, it shows us that Lynch didn’t necessarily make many friends in Mile High country.

He represents one of the biggest busts of general manager John Elway’s now questionable tenure in Denver. Broncos players want to repay that favor. Could it lead to some fireworks? Possibly.