Broncos safety: teammate threatened to eat Tom Brady’s kids

By Vincent Frank

The NFL, where trash talking can be taken to new levels of disturbing.

Appearing on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward dropped a pretty big bomb about teammate Derek Wolfe, who apparently did his best Mike Tyson impersonation in a game against the New England Patriots this past season:

“I heard him hit somebody with the Mike Tyson,” Ward said. “He (Wolfe) told someone he was gonna eat their kids. I was shocked by it. That was an opposing player. That was, um, Tom Brady. I think he told Brady that.”

Here’s the video of the interview.

It’s not abnormal for defensive players to attempt to intimidate opposing quarterbacks. This is something that happens at the lowest levels of amateur football.

But eat Brady’s kids? We really have to wonder what Gisele’s response is going to be to this. Will her maternal instincts come out? Only time will tell.

Brady himself isn’t afraid to show raw emotion on the field. Though, it’s safe to say this likely won’t result in the same feud we saw between Warren Sapp and Brett Favre so many years ago.

History suggests Brady will just let his talking be done on the football field — something Wolfe and the Broncos did perfectly fine in sacking the Patriots quarterback four times in the AFC Championship game this year.