Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders cracks up at awkward question

By Michael Dixon

With Trevor Siemian’s injury in Week 4, Paxton Lynch saw his first NFL action. So, it’s only natural for their Denver Broncos teammates to field questions comparing the two. Receiver¬†Emmanuel Sanders fielded one such question that was, shall we say, awkwardly phrased?

That’s an awfully personal question. It also seems makes a presumption or two.

There has to be a better way to ask that question. Though, to be fair, we have to cut the reporter some slack. These questions are relatively new and those who cover the Broncos may not be particularly adept at asking them.

Of course, those covering the New England Patriots know exactly how to word such questions.

Returning quarterback Tom Brady knows how to handle them, too.

Though now that Sanders has been asked, inquiring minds need to know. Between Siemian and Lynch, whose balls are harder? Whose balls are more likely to bounce? If Sanders were blindfolded, could he tell the difference between the balls of Siemian and Lynch?

We’re brimming with questions.