Broncos’ Derek Wolfe appears to take shot at Von Miller

By Jesse Reed
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are engaged in a contract standoff that appears to rub teammate Derek Wolfe the wrong way.

Speaking with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Wolfe commented on the current contract impasse between Miller and the Broncos, comparing with his own contract situation last year.

“Business is business, and that’s his business. And he has to do what he’s gotta do,” Wolfe said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, per Pro Football Talk. “Obviously, I took a different route and decided that this is where I want to be so I’m going to take a significant haircut to stay here, and that’s fine with me. But some people don’t feel that way.

It certainly doesn’t appear Wolfe is truly “fine” with Miller’s choices this summer when it comes to signing with Denver.

Wolfe did take significantly less than he likely could have earned this year in free agency, signing his extension last year to tie himself to the Broncos. His five-year, $36.7 million extension is roughly half of what Olivier Vernon will earn after signing with the New York Giants, and the $17.5 million guaranteed in his contract is a paltry amount compared to his what others signed for this past offseason.

Because Wolfe took a “significant haircut” to remain in Denver, he has some authority to speak his mind on the subject of players holding out for the maximum, which is what we’re seeing with Miller. And apparently, Wolfe wishes Miller were more like him when it comes to business versus the game.

Miller has threatened to hold out the entire season if he doesn’t land his long-term deal. He said he will not play on the franchise tag, which would be the only way to get him on the field if a deal isn’t done by July 15.  If this happens, Wolfe seems to think the Broncos will still have the players to win.

‘This is a business, and sometimes the business gets in the way of what’s really important, and that’s winning football games. But at the end of the day I think that we have the players and the staff to plug anybody we need wherever we need them.”

The Broncos and Miller have reportedly agreed on the yearly money in his potential six-year, $114. 5 million extension. It’s the matter of guaranteed money that is holding up a deal. The Broncos have reportedly offered $61 million guaranteed, while Miller seeks upwards of $70 million, with most of it being made available to him very early in the contract.

It seems unlikely that the Broncos and Miller will fail to get a deal finalized before July 15. Deadlines spur action, and we saw John Elway come to a huge agreement with receiver Demaryius Thomas last year right before the deadline. It’s likely he will pull off a similar feat this year as well.

When that happens, one wonders if Miller and Wolfe will be on great terms passing one another in the locker room.