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Brodie Van Wagenen indicates Mets will be sellers at trade deadline

© Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few months after New York Mets general manager told rivals in the division to “Come get us”, he made it very clear during a press conference on Friday that the Mets would be sellers at the trade deadline.

Van Wagenen addressed the state of the team during a press conference and indicated the team will use the trade deadline to try and move on from expiring contracts.

It becomes the latest indicator that Zach Wheeler, Jason Vargas and Todd Frazier will be among the club’s trade chips in the coming weeks as they look to improve their farm system. However, Van Wagenen made it clear that Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard will almost certainly remain with the club unless an offer blows them away.

New York sacrificed significant money and prospects this offseason to bring in Edwin Diaz, Robinson Cano, Jed Lowrie and Wilson Ramos. Things have gone even more poorly than the club’s nightmares could have visualized as it sits 10 games below a .500 record.

At least Van Wagenen owned up to his proclamation in the preseason backfiring on him in embarrassing fashion, though, the fan base probably isn’t in the mood for humor at this point.