Brock Osweiler Takes Advantage of Peyton Manning’s Day Off

By Rachel Wold

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t take many days off when it comes to practicing. However, he and some of the starters took a day of rest on Monday.

This gave fourth-year backup quarterback Brock Osweiler a full day to take the majority of the snaps during practice. It also helped him become more familiar with the run-oriented system that new head coach Gary Kubiak is introducing.

Taking full advantage of Manning being absent, Osweiler shared his excitement about his practice-filled day:

“It’s huge,” Osweiler said via the Associated Press. “First of all, I absolutely love it. I’m getting more reps than I’ve ever gotten as a Bronco. Peyton’s out and I split time with Zac (Dysert). So, I’m getting twice what I usually get. So, it’s very valuable to a young player and especially in a new offense.”

Both quarterbacks are adjusting to Kubiak’s new scheme.

Fortunately for the Broncos, Manning, 39,  has remained in fairly stellar health. This means that Osweiler has only totaled 117 completed passes for 159 yards and one touchdown over the course of his three seasons in Denver.

It appears that forcing Manning take a day off every now and then will be the trend to get Osweiler more up to speed for when that eventual day comes that Manning steps away from his post:

“Kubiak said he knows Manning is “not a big fan” of taking a day off, “but I just think it’s important. I talked to him about it. You want guys that want to practice. They all want to practice. But you try to convince them, ‘Hey, I want you there for the long haul and as healthy as you can be and as strong as you can be, and I also want to find out about these guys.'”

Hungry to take in as much as he can when given the added opportunities to practice, Osweiler eagerly proclaimed this:

“I love all the extra reps. I’ll take as many as they want to give me. In fact, sometimes, I try to sneak in a couple extra. If I see Zac (Dysert) not running in yet, I try to act like they’re my reps. And then I get ripped out.”

As we can conclude, Osweiler is overcome with anticipation to get more playing time in the future. Provided that we are currently uncertain as to whether Manning will play past this season, Osweiler’s opportunity could be coming sooner rather than later.

At the very least, Denver’s brass is finding out what it might have in the former second-round pick.

Photo: USA Today Sports