Brett Favre claims his Super Bowl jersey went missing as well

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl LI jersey has been all the talk since Sunday evening. The latest reports suggest the jersey was not stolen. Instead, it is possibly headed back on a big-rig truck that is scheduled to arrive to Gillette Stadium this Thursday (via TMZ Sports).

But that’s enough about Brady’s jersey. Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is not going to let Brady be the only quarterback with such a story. He said his jersey from Super Bowl XXXI disappeared and has never been found.

“No one really cares, but my Super Bowl jersey from my first against New England in New Orleans in which we won — I have no idea where it is,” Favre told Fox Business Network on Friday. “But no one is talking about it.”

Maybe nobody is talking about it because this is the first we are hearing of the 1997 incident. Interestingly enough, Favre’s Packers beat the New England Patriots in that Super Bowl, 35-21.

Per the report, this is what Favre had to say when asked if he thinks the jersey was stolen.

“Well, I don’t have it. I don’t know where it is and where it went.”

Favre explained all of the chaos that goes on in the locker room right after a Super Bowl victory.

“Yeah,” Favre said. “What happens is there’s a massive celebration, of course, you go into the locker room — it’s mass confusion. Unless you actually take your jersey off and your pants and stuff, and you put them in a bag that is secure, you don’t know because there’s people grabbing stuff, there’s laundry, guys are going in the shower, they’re hugging, there’s champagne — so, it could easily get taken.”

We can imagine the atmosphere in the Patriots’ locker room following their huge comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons was somewhat the same.

It should be interesting to see if once that truck arrives to Foxborough, Brady’s jersey mysteriously appears. If not, the law enforcement might want to resume the case.

As for Favre’s jersey, the statute for limitations to file for a search is likely closed. But it would be interesting to see if avid Favre fans voluntarily decide to try to hunt it down now that we have a new mystery.