Brandon Marshall: Tom Brady is ‘not the best player ever’

By Rachel Wold

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady orchestrated a series of brilliant plays that eventually led to the biggest Super Bowl comeback win in all time.

He will soon be in possession of his fifth Super Bowl ring. Brady is also going on 40 years old and was suspended four games in 2016. Fan or not, Brady is an amazing athlete and possibly the best of all time.

Somebody not buying into this is New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

“He’s not the best player ever,” Marshall said per Connor Hughes of “No.”

Marshall discussed his opinion during a charity event that supports his Project 375 Foundation.

It appears the thing that hangs up Marshall’s opinion about Brady is “best player” versus “best quarterback.”

“We get caught up in that whole discussion, that when a quarterback is playing really well, he’s probably the best in the business, and we think he’s the best player,” Marshall said. “And that’s not true. When I think about player, I think about a guy that I can put at corner, safety, defensive end, a guy that I can put back on punt return, chase down kicks.

“That, to me, is the best player. J.J. Watt, that can play defensive end, tight end, put him at tackle, make him lose some weight and he can probably play linebacker and safety. That’s the best player.”

Marshall was on a roll with his comments, throwing in a dig about Watt’s weight here as well. But, we can understand the gist of Marshall’s theory in comparing player versus quarterback.

In the meantime, there are surely tons of people who would still argue against Marshall. Brady has a huge following and there is no denying he is an incredible player still performing strongly, as if he were in his twenties.