Brandon Marshall thinks its ‘blasphemy’ to doubt Peyton Manning’s arm

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently it’s not cool to criticize Peyton Manning.

After the Denver Broncos quarterback finished up the preseason, many critics noted that his arm strength had drastically diminished after he struggled to make long plays down the field.

This is something that the Broncos, of course, shrugged off prior to the start of the regular season.

However, Manning’s disastrous performance versus the Baltimore Ravens has many folks now truly believing this could be the end of the road for the 39-year old quarterback who couldn’t manage one single touchdown on Sunday.

While the whole world appears to be down on Manning, he still seems to have the support of his teammates — in particular, linebacker Brandon Marshall who passionately defended his quarterback (via

“We all think it’s blasphemy … because Peyton, he still has it. You know, he has what it takes. I think it’s just a matter of time because it’s a new offense. It’s the beginning of the season … just the chemistry with the O-line and the receivers, everybody gotta get in sync. I definitely think it’s going to turn around. I have no issues, or no worries about anything.”

Marshall also claimed that since he has been with the team, which was 2013, that he has not seen a difference in Manning’s strength. Perhaps Marshall is looking through rose-colored glasses, because Manning struggled to throw deep on Sunday and looked physically uncomfortable on certain plays. On that note, he only posted 175 yards and one interception.

Manning’s Week 1 stats are quite alarming considering he is supposedly at full health. Last year when his production began to tumble, he blamed his failing stats on a quad injury that Manning had been dealing with late in the season. If he’s healthy now and Sunday’s pitiful performance was all he has to offer, then the Broncos in a world of hurt.

Not only did Manning manage to throw zero touchdowns on Sunday, but none were scored by any other members of their team. A defensive touchdown and field goals were how the Broncos managed to srape out a win over the Baltimore Ravens, 19-13.

Unfortunately, Marshall appears to be part of a declining support system that seems to think the future Hall of Famer is perfectly fine.