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Brandon Jacobs blames ‘Michigan freaks’ for blowing Jim Harbaugh comments out of proportion

Jesse Reed
Brandon Jacobs Jim Harbaugh
Nov 3, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants former running back Brandon Jacobs before the start of New York Giants agains the Indianapolis Colts game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jacobs set a lot of people against him recently when he said some pretty mean things about his former head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Among the naughty things Jacobs said was that he’d get Harbaugh fired by the time he was done exposing him for a fraud.

Now he’s saying it all got blown out of proportion.

By calling those who got upset, “Michigan freaks.”

Here’s what Jacobs had to say in an appearance with All Access Football.

“It’s something that got blown out of proportion,” Jacobs said. “The Michigan freaks blew it out of proportion.”

Way to diffuse the situation, boss. More like throwing jet fuel on a bonfire.

Though, to be fair, Jacobs sees the entire thing through a non-fandom prism. Essentially, he says he doesn’t like Harbaugh and Harbaugh doesn’t like him.

“Me and Jim, we don’t get along, he don’t like me and I don’t like him. He’s doing a good job at Michigan. On the college level he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing. I don’t knock what Jim is doing. Again, I don’t like him, he don’t like me, and that’s just where we leave it.”

We get what Jacobs is saying. He had a bad go of it in San Francisco when Harbaugh was coaching. Also known as, he didn’t get to play, and that ticked him off.

That said, saying one of the top coaches in the nation is trash is sure to rile up a fan base. He shouldn’t be surprised his comments were spread like wildfire throughout social media.

And now, everyone’s going to be talking about him calling Michigan fans “freaks.” That’s how this works.