Boston Red Sox find unique way to raise money, put fans on Green Monster

Boston Red Sox fans won’t get to sit atop the Green Monster at Fenway Park for the 2020 MLB season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the team found a unique way to raise money for a great cause and provide the fan base a chance to sit atop the iconic scoreboard.

Boston Red Sox launch the “Monster Home Run Challenge”

The Red Sox will head into the 2020 MLB season without fans in the seats at Fenway Park, rallying around the team inside one of the most recognized stadiums in sports. However, the team found a way to turn this into a positive that will make fans happy and help a wonderful charity.

Boston is launching the “Monster Home Run Challenge” for the 2020 season, giving fans a chance to see themselves on the Green Monster while also donating to the team’s foundation.

Any fan that donates $500 to the Red Sox Foundation, which raises money to help countless children and families in need throughout New England, will get a cardboard cutout of themselves placed atop the walll for a portion of the 2020 season.

The deal gets even better. Not only will fans get to see their cutout this season and receive it once the year ends, they will also get a photo with a personalized scoreboard message on the video board and 2020 promotional giveaways.

While fans won’t get to choose where the cutout is placed, they can decide if they want it posted in the first or second half of the season. The cutouts will be placed randomly, moving before each homestand.

Best of all, the reward is even better for fans if a home run ball hits their cutout. Any fan whose cutout is hit by a Red Sox home run, will receive the autographed baseball, two Green Monster tickets for a 2021 home hame, a custom replica home jersey and a video replay of the home run.