Boston, Philadelphia make interesting bet ahead of Super Bowl

We’ve seen this story written before. Mayors of cities taking part in championship events wagering with one another. Most of the time, it includes bets on stuff that define the city. For Philadelphia, that would likely be cheesesteaks. For Boston, that would likely include clam chowder.

But two groups within the cities partaking in Super Bowl LII on Sunday are making a much different type of bet. They include books and writings from John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

Should the New England Patriots come out on top, Philadelphia will send Boston John Adam’s personalized copy of the book, A Defence of the Constitutions of Government. If the Eagles win, Boston will send over “Franklin’s personal manuscripts outlining his experiments with electricity,” per CBS Philly.

Now, that’s one heck of a bet right there.

“We think that Franklin, if he were alive today, would be rooting on the Eagles,” American Philosophical Society librarian Patrick Spero said. “He found Boston really far too restrictive and he left for Philadelphia where he made his home.”

Well, that takes this whole thing to an entirely new level. Philadelphia claiming one of the greatest Americans of all-time can’t sit well with those in Boston, especially considering he was a true patriot (pun very much intended).

Honestly, we wish other cities playing in championship events would fall in line with this type of thing. Who really cares about a gosh darn cheesesteak or clam chowder? Ante up some of the best documents in American history and go from there.

Well done, Philadelphia and Boston.