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LOOK: Boston Celtics fan shows confidence, gets 2022 NBA championship tattoo

Vincent Frank

The Boston Celtics head into the stretch run as one of the hottest teams in the NBA. After starting the season with a mere 25-25 record, first-year head coach Ime Udoka has led Boston to wins in 20 of their past 23 games.

This has led to confidence that Boston might finally be able to get over the hump and win its first NBA title since 2007-08.

One Boston Celtics fan has taken this confidence to a whole new level by getting a championship tattoo. You read that right. The dude got permanent ink on his shoulder depicting the Celtics as the 2022 NBA champions.

Talk about banking pretty much everything on your favorite team coming out of a difficult Eastern Conference before potentially going up against a league-best Phoenix Suns squad in the NBA Finals.

It’s not like anything like this hasn’t come back to haunt fans in the past. Oh wait.

Sure the Boston Celtics might win the NBA title this season. They have as good of a chance as anyone back east with the way MVP candidate Jayson Tatum is playing.

But you might want to wait until they actually win the championship before getting that ink.

At the very least, this unnamed fan has several opportunities to change the final digit on the year should Boston not win in 2022. Until then, it might be all about covering up that ink with a Celtics hoodie.

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