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Bold predictions for the second half of the 2019 NFL season

Rachel Wold

The 2019 NFL season seems to be flying by. Along the way, there have been some pretty cool surprises and some extremely disappointing developments.

After eight weeks, two teams remain undefeated while another pair of franchises cannot manage to scour up one single win. With that said, here are some fun bold predictions for the second half of the 2019 NFL season.

Patriots don’t make the Super Bowl

Many folks other than diehard Patriots fans are growing bored of the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick annual Super Bowl menu. This duo’s Super Bowl run could end with one bad postseason clash, despite a potential 16-0 regular-season finish. As it stands, AFC teams other than the Patriots are still very much in contention. Clubs not out of the discussion for a Super Bowl appearance include the Ravens, Chiefs, Colts, Texans and AFC East rival Bills.

Bears’ Chase Daniel replaces Mitchell Trubisky sooner rather than later

Chicago is struggling and Trubisky is not exactly lighting up the field. He sports back-to-back losses and has thrown for only five touchdowns on the season. All the while, the embattled quarterback is managing just 182 passing yards on average per clash. Might the Bears consider a swap to Daniel to turn things around? He has proven to be more accurate than Truibisky when under center and has also averaged 31 more passing yards per game. It certainly would not hurt for the Bears to test some different waters.

Stefon Diggs tops all wideouts in receiving yards

Diggs’ usage issues earlier in the season is a thing of the past. The fifth-year wideout has been scorching hot, averaging 151 receiving yards over his last three contests. To date, he has 706 total yards on record.

As for Diggs leading the league in receiving yards, he is going to have to keep piling up the mileage. He currently sits behind some stiff competition in that of Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp and Julio Jones. Though, the ridiculous 19.1 yards that Diggs is averaging per catch could launch him into No. 1 territory by the seasons’ end.

Eli Manning returns under center

Despite the Giants currently standing pat with Daniel Jones, old Eli could be back. After a couple of impressive wins back in Weeks 3 and 4, the Giants have posted four straight losses with Jones in the driver’s seat. To further add insult to injury, Jones has already been sacked 21 times in his six starts. So that Jones can return in one piece in 2020, the Giants may decide soon enough that it has come time to throw Eli to the wolves.

49ers end season at 15-1

This is indeed very bold. But, who would have thought the 49ers would remain undefeated through Week 8 of the season? While quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is not always dropping dimes, the 49ers defense has been performing off of the charts. Thus, it is not out of the scope of reality to envision the 49ers beating all but one of their upcoming opponents. We are predicting 49ers victories against the Cardinals (twice), Seahawks (twice), Packers, Ravens, Falcons, and Rams. Their loss might just be handed to them by the Saints in New Orleans in Week 14.

Kyle Allen advances Panthers to the playoffs

Currently, the Saints dominate the NFC South. However, the Panthers are sitting securely in second place within that division. Allen boasts a 4-1 record so far this year while the Panthers have been in no rush to get Cam Newton back into action. Despite a rough turnout in Week 8, Allen has still displayed that he can keep the Panthers in contention. If his production keeps up, Newton may never see field time this season. A sound finish could secure the Panthers a Wild Card slot.

Nick Chubb is the No. 1 fantasy football running back

Right now, Chubb sits behind a handful of running backs who have scored more fantasy points. Plus, he will have Kareem Hunt coming back onto the scene in Week 9. However, Chubb could still wind up being the top-scoring running back.

He is currently averaging a stout 5.5 yards per carry and a league-high 105.4 rushing yards on average per game. With Baker Mayfield’s passing game crumbling in front of our eyes, the Browns would be wise to keep pounding the rock with Chubb. If the Browns decide to have Hunt serve as a change of pace back, Chubb will have a legitimate shot of being the top-scoring back of the season.

Lamar Jackson earns NFL MVP

Speaking of elite players, Jackson has been stellar thus far in Baltimore. He throws just enough to get the job done and is absolutely magical to watch on the ground. This ultra-mobile quarterback ranks 10th in rushing yards and is accomplishing this task by toting the ball at 6.9 yards per rush. Whew! He does it all and could easily emerge as the frontrunner in the race to win the league’s MVP. Move over, Russell Wilson.

Colts represent the AFC in Super Bowl LIV

Earlier, we nixed the Patriots from making another appearance in the Super Bowl. Instead, the Colts could be on pace to play in Super Bowl LIV. This is somewhat of a stretch, but the Colts have been performing at an extremely high level. They are currently in first place in the AFC South and could win their division with a savory list of opponents to beat to take them into the postseason. How ironic would it be if Patriots former backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett wound up at the Super Bowl instead of Tom Brady?