Blue Jays want to give Jose Bautista ‘Cespedes type deal’

By Michael Dixon

The Toronto Blue Jays and pending free agent Jose Bautista are far apart in contract talks. Bautista reportedly wants $150 million over five years. The Blue Jays are offering much less.

Toronto is said to be looking at a three-year contract that would pay him around $25 million per (via Jon Heyman, FanRag Sports).

Said three-year deal would bank Bautista the same type of cash that New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is making under the deal he signed this past winter.

Bautista can’t be blamed for trying to max out his value. Still, if a five-year deal, $150 million deal is what he’s really after, then Bautista isn’t being realistic.

Logically, there’s no way that Bautista should get anything close to that type of commitment. He’ll be 36 at the end of the season. Additionally, 2016 has been a down year in basically every category. A five-year contract wouldn’t expire until Bautista is in his 40’s.

Any team making that kind of commitment would set themselves up for failure down the road.

The Cespedes deal is more realistic. Sure, $25 million a year over three years is nothing to sneeze at. It’s still far less of a commitment than $30 million annually over five years.

Anything can happen once Bautista hits the open market. But if we’re being logical, a deal mirroring the one Cespedes got should be good enough to keep Bautista in Toronto..