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Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman trash talks Troy Tulowitzki after allowing HR

Michael Dixon

New York Yankees infielder Troy Tulowitzki had some good luck on Monday facing old teammate Marcus Stroman when he went yard in the first inning of Grapefruit League action on Monday.

Stroman later commented on the home run. The Toronto Blue Jays starter didn’t seem too upset with giving up the home run. But he also made it clear that it wouldn’t be a recurring theme.

Tulowitzki was released by the Blue Jays in the offseason and signed with the Yankees weeks later.

With Tulowitzki staying in the American League East, these two should see a lot of each other. The two teams square off 19 times over the course of six series in 2019.

As such, Stroman will have plenty of chances to test his theory.