Percy Harvin

Wide receiver Percy Harvin has worn four different numbers and played only one complete 16-game season in his entire seven-year NFL career. True to his pattern, Harvin managed to play in only five games with the Buffalo Bills in 2015 when he recorded only 19 catches for 218 yards and one touchdown.

Yet, despite Harvin’s poor season, which finished with him being placed on IR, the Bills shockingly enough said they would like to see Harvin return in 2016.

Buffalo’s general manager Doug Whaley shared the mindset regarding Harvin’s status with WGR Sportsradio 550, via the team’s website:

“Absolutely. No doubt about it. Obviously the first thing for Percy is he’s got to get completely healthy. Once he’s healthy we’ll reach out to his guy and explain that we’d like to have him back. I think when he was on the field people took notice and he helped us when Sammy was out. So we would love to have him back.”

The caveat here is Whaley stating that Harvin must be “completely healthy.” Harvin has been plagued throughout his career with one injury after another. Why the Bills would want to gamble that Harvin will return and finally reward with a full house versus a lousy pair, is a bit puzzling.

Harvin is currently on record having played in only 73 out of 112 games over the past seven years. Furthermore, he has yet to eclipse the 1,000-yard receiving mark or score more than six receiving touchdowns in any single season.

Yet interestingly enough, the Bills have left their door open to him. Though if he was to return, he would have to sign up with the team at an ultra-cheap price tag. According to Whaley, the Bills’ salary cap situation is pretty tight. Considering Harvin’s disappointing output in 2015, the receiver really doesn’t have much to stand on as far as a bargaining chip.

Whether we see Harvin return to the Bills, or watch as possibly another team in dire need pursues him remains to be told. And, this is all providing Harvin even wants to continue his NFL career and risk further wear and tear to his body.

With all of his injuries and drama-filled clashes with former teams, it is hard to believe that Harvin is a mere 27-years old. And for his sake, he should feel fortunate that the Bills haven’t given up on him despite a far less-than-stellar career.