Bills merchandise sales up nearly 400 percent since playoff berth

By Rachel Wold

The Buffalo Bills snapped their postseason drought last Sunday, working their way into their first playoff game since 1999 with a win over the Miami Dolphins and a little help from Andy Dalton.

Since then, Bills fans have absolutely gone wild, and merchandise is selling like hotcakes.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Bills merchandise sales are up nearly 400 percent. That is quite outrageous. But, the spike in sales shows fans could not be more thrilled about their team finally making the playoffs. And interestingly enough, a good chunk of those fans purchased merchandise from the Tampa, Florida area.

Needless to say, some really wonky things had to go right in Week 17 to get the Bills into the postseason. They did their job by beating the Miami Dolphins last week. Then, they received a small miracle when Dalton threw a game-winning touchdown to Tyler Boyd against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17.

That touchdown put the Ravens on the out, awarding the Bills the No. 6 seed in the AFC. Not coincidentally, it also led to an influx of donations to Dalton’s charity by Bills fans who were eager to express their gratitude.

Outside all of the hubbub, the Bills players need to focus on the next task at hand. That would be attempting to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in Florida on Sunday.