Bills HC Sean McDermott makes statement by removing games from locker room

The 2014 renovation of the Buffalo Bills locker room included amenities like a pool table and video games. Under new coach Sean McDermott, those amenities are gone.

Things like video games and pool tables in locker rooms are interesting. If a team is winning, then it’s all a sign of how loose the team is. If the team is losing, it’s all one gigantic distraction.

Obviously, the Bills are losing. With the longest active playoff drought in the NFL, they’ve been losing from quite some time.

These sort of moves are relatively common when a first time head coach takes over a struggling team.

Will it be a good move for McDermott? Buffalo’s record will tell us that. For now, it’s just the removal of a possible distraction and excuse. It may not help the Bills too much, but it’s not going to be what hurts them, either.