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Bills fans boo team off field after hatchet job to end half

Bills fans boo

The Buffalo Bills had a golden opportunity to put themselves up by a touchdown at the end of the first half Sunday, but the offense botched things badly.

Following a tremendous interception by Matt Milano to set the Bills up in Tampa Bay Buccaneers territory with 22 seconds remaining, the offense had a shot to at least kick a field goal. Up by the score of 10-6, that would have been a very desirable way to end the half.

Unfortunately, that was not possible, as the team’s clock management was a hatchet job.

“With 11 seconds remaining and no timeouts from the Buccaneers’ 18-yard line, Tyrod Taylor threw a 2-yard pass to Jordan Matthews in bounds,” wrote ESPN’s Mike Rodak. “The offense could then not get to the line in time to spike the ball, resulting in no points from Jameis Winston’s interception with 23 seconds remaining in the first half.”

Needless to say, fans at the stadium weren’t the only ones upset by the botched sequence.


Instead of going up 13-6, the Bills took a four-point lead into halftime. In a game that saw the Bucs play very poorly the first 30 minutes, that’s not encouraging.