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Biggest hits from college football Week 13

Jesse Reed

Some of the biggest hits from college football Week 13 took place in the biggest games Saturday as rivals went head to head for glory and College Football Playoff positioning.

We’re rounding up all the biggest hits from this weekend in college football. These are the ones that caught our eye in Week 13.

Antoine Winfield Jr. is a bad, bad man

A player we’ve come to recognize for his incredible work picking off passes this season, Minnesota defensive back Antoine Winfield Jr. was laying the wood on Saturday.

Here’s a look at two separate instances in which Winfield laid into his opponent.

Not surprisingly, Winfield and the Golden Gophers had no trouble dispatching Northwestern, winning 38-22.

Christian Barmore, that poor man has a family!

During the second quarter of Saturday’s game, Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Christian Barmore absolutely lit up Western Carolina quarterback Tyrie Adams.

Watch this thunderous hit. If you pay close attention, you can almost see Adams’ soul leaving his body.


This was just one of many forgettable moments the poor quarterback. He had a miserable game, throwing four interceptions (including a pick-six to Xavier McKinney) and enduring four sacks. Alabama won this game in blowout fashion, 66-3.

Game-changing forced fumble for Penn State

There are big hits, and there are big hits that also happen to be hugely important in a big game. Penn State’s Lamont Wade showed us a verson of the latter Saturday against Ohio State.

Watch as Wade comes in hot and lights up Justin Fields, forcing a fumble that was recovered by Cam Brown.

This was a touchdown-saving play and one of many key plays made by Wade in this game. It helped the Nittany Lions avoid getting utterly steam-rolled by the Buckeyes in the first half. Unfortunately, the team’s defense was unable to do much of anything as Penn State was beaten, 28-17.

Isaiah McDaniels packs a sledgehammer

University of South Dakota defensive back Isaiah McDaniels is only 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. You’d never know it based on the hit he laid on South Dakota State receiver Jaxon Janke.

Ball was separated from body on this massive hit, allowing Mark Collins Jr. to scoop up the fumble for the Coyotes.

This takeaway led to a touchdown for South Dakota, which went on to win in upset fashion by the narrow margin of 24-21.

Pitt’s Paris Ford comes in hot

Virginia Tech’s Tre Turner was absolutely lit up by Pitt defensive back Paris Ford on Saturday. Ford came onto the scene after Turner caught a short pass and messed the poor guy up.

To me, this wasn’t a dirty hit. He didn’t lead with his helmet, and in the old days we’d say it was a good, clean football play. Nevertheless, Ford was ejected for targeting.

Adding insult to injury, Pitt was shut out by the Hokies, losing 28-0 in an embarrassing overall showing by the entire team.

Kenneth Murray gets a running start

Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray sniffed out a screen play against TCU, ran through multiple blockers and absolutely destroyed Sewo Olonilua.

Showing he might actually run on jet fuel, Murray’s huge play likely saved a touchdown. TCU punted two plays later. This play turned out to be pretty big, too, because Oklahoma barely won, 28-24, to clinch a spot in the Big 12 Championship Game.

Blast from the past: Clowney with the ultimate big hit

The hit that announced former South Carolina star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney as a generational talent. The hit that all other big hits are now measured against.

Compared to the biggest hits of college football Week 13, Clowney’s blast against Michigan remains undefeated.