Big 12 commissioner: No sense College Football Playoff will expand

It has become a yearly tradition to discuss whether the College Football Playoff will expand. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby doesn’t see it happening now.

Speaking at Big 12 media days, per reporter Brett McMurphy, Bowlsby said while discussions are ongoing there are no indications anything will change.

The comment shouldn’t be surprising for fans who’ve followed this conversation closely. However, for any casual observer, it ought to answer any lingering question.

Sometimes, people need to fill space during the offseason. And few topics in college football create more conversation quicker than “should players be paid” and “will the playoff get bigger in the near future?”

For the latter question, the quick, correct answer is simple: No.

The current contract runs through 2026. Despite the number of times it enters the headlines, expansion anytime before then is exceptionally unlikely.

At that point, money might rule the conversation, as it usually does. But until Bowlsby or other power-conference commissioners are truly discussing CFP expansion, fans shouldn’t worry about it, either.