The Best Odell Beckham Catch Photoshops

Odell Beckham is becoming more popular on Twitter than Kim Kardashian’s bare backside.

Well not quite that popular, but he almost broke Twitter with a phenomenal catch. So naturally, social media had to do what it does best and Photoshop some great pictures to prove how epic his catch was.

Beckham made History. Literally, and figuratively.

photo 5

photo courtesy of @felixpotvin

He also changed the way we look at Math.

photo 4

photo courtesy of Dylan Lueking

…and gave husbands and boyfriends a reason to not fall asleep at the ballet.

photo 3 (7)

photo courtesy of SB Nation

King James is looking more like Prince James in the presence of Odell Beckham.

photo 2

Beckham also broke the internet…

photo 1

Odell Beckham can catch 50 Cent’s horrible pitch.

photo (1)

photo courtesy of @nick_pants

…and was the real reason behind the famous Matrix back bend.

photo (2)

Photo courtesy of Jemele Hill

And he could start drama between bridesmaids…

photo (3)

He also helped launch a NASA space shuttle…

photo courtesy of @KatzM

photo courtesy of @KatzM

He also could have helped a certain curse in Chicago.

photo courtesy of  @robmillertime

photo courtesy of @robmillertime

All in all, a great day for Beckham.

Photo courtesy of Matt Johnston on Twitter