Best and worst QB performances in NFL Week 6

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every week provides something unique for football fans in the NFL, and this one proved to be no different. Across the league, Week 6 provided a series of unforgettable performances by quarterbacks.

While some of the worst performances by quarterbacks on any given week are normally bad, the bad ones reached a level of play that can only be described as horrendous this week. Fortunately, things were balanced by some outstanding showings as well from some of the league’s best quarterbacks.

Here are the best and worst performances by quarterbacks in NFL Week 6.

Worst: Blake Bortles, quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville had to know it was over when Dallas took a 14-point lead. That’s what happens when Bortles is your quarterback.

It didn’t help the Jaguars that their defense was picked apart by Dak Prescott while Dallas’ offense moved down the field with ease. However, much of the blame for this humiliating loss must fall on the inability of Bortles to produce anything resembling an NFL offense.

Jacksonville’s defense has clearly taken a significant step back this season, which is dangerous for this team’s chances of staying afloat. If the issues continue defensively, Bortles will drag this team to the bottom of the division.

Best: Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Fans saw two versions of Mahomes on “Sunday Night Football.” First, they saw the inexperienced quarterback who had some issues with the intensity of a road game against the New England Patriots.

The 23-year-old missed two open throws in the first half that would have led to separate touchdowns. He also threw two interceptions, one at the end of the half in scoring range that cost his team points and reflected a nervous quarterback.

Trailing 24-7 on the road against the Patriots, Mahomes could have crumbled in the second half. Instead, he turned in a remarkable performance with four touchdown passes and a number of sensational plays (like this one).

Mahomes has clearly proven himself as one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league. Even after losing this game, he should be a frontrunner for the league’s MVP award.

Worst: Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Houston Texans

While the Texans escaped with a win on Sunday, their inability to protect an injured quarterback remains a problem.

After suffering a chest injury in Week 5, Watson clearly seemed to be limited in this game. He lacked his usual mobility and finished with just two yards on two carries. Meanwhile, Buffalo racked up seven sacks and 15 total hits against Houston’s star quarterback.

It all turned into an ugly game for Watson as he threw two interceptions and fumbled three times (one lost) in this game. Between the ball control issues and a pedestrian 177 passing yards, it’s easy to see how ineffective Houston’s offense was. Now set to face Jacksonville’s defense in Week 7, things may get even worse for Watson and this offense.

Best: Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots

The concerns over New England’s offensive struggles have come to an end. Brady and this offense are clicking and it showed once again in a huge win over the Chiefs on a national stage.

Brady was outstanding in the pocket against Kansas City, standing in the face of pressure and delivering a number of big throws. While he only threw for one score in Week 6, he threw for 350 yards and averaged 9.7 yards per attempt. Even more impressively, he ran for a touchdown for the second consecutive week.

This offense becomes even scarier when you realize its max potential. Once Brady and Josh Gordon have their timing down, explosive plays will become routine for this team. Pair him with Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, James White and Sony Michel, and it provides all the ingredients needed for more 40-point outings in the future.

Worst: Baker Mayfield, quarterback, Cleveland Browns

Coming off a big win against the Baltimore Ravens, a major letdown against the Los Angeles Chargers isn’t too surprising. However, Mayfield showed a lot of inexperience in this game.

Los Angeles put immense pressure on him, and it led to five sacks and numerous throws under pressure. He also missed several throws in this game, especially on two late throws that turned into interceptions.

Mayfield’s 52.6 quarterback rating is understandable given the drops by receivers, constant pressure and his own mistakes. He played very poorly on Sunday, but the rookie will bounce back from this.

Best: Carson Wentz, quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Even in a game where his offensive line struggled and kept this offense from hitting even bigger plays, Wentz shined in Week 6.

Wentz showed his vintage athleticism and needed it with all the pressure his protection allowed. He also firmly established his connection with Alshon Jeffery, especially in the red zone with two touchdowns.

The 25-year-old finished with 278 passing yards, three scores and a 122.2 quarterback rating on 36 attempts in an easy win. If fans needed any more confirmation Wentz is back to his 2017 form, his performance on “Thursday Night Football” proved it.

Worst: Nathan Peterman, quarterback, Buffalo Bills

If football fans had forgotten about Peterman and his incredible ability to consistently throw interceptions, they were reminded of it on Sunday.

Peterman filled in after rookie Josh Allen exited with an injury. He didn’t perform horribly at first, throwing a touchdown. But then the quarterback Buffalo’s fanbase is all too familiar with returned. Peterman turned the ball over twice, including a brutal pick-six that gave the Texans the lead.

Buffalo must desperately hope Allen is healthy going forward or Derek Anderson can quickly pick up this offense. If neither happens, Buffalo’s starting quarterback will be a turnover machine.

Best: Russell Wilson, quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

After weeks of this passing game looking pedestrian in its best moments, Wilson is starting to turn things around and bring back the big plays for this offense.

The script is becoming familiar for this team with a low number of attempts but tremendous efficiency for this passing game. Wilson completed 17-of-23 passes on Sunday and racked up three touchdown passes in a blowout.

Headed for a bye in Week 7, Wilson should enjoy the week off with six touchdown passes over his past two games and a 3-1 record over the past four weeks. Just when we wanted to count out the Seahawks, they’re now rising again.

Worst: Eli Manning, quarterback, New York Giants

It’s beyond time for New York. An organization that continues to deny that Manning is years beyond his prime and now crippling this offense must realize the truth at some point.

Yes, the offensive line remains an issue and hurts the chances for deep plays. However, Manning is a statue in the pocket and doesn’t appear to have the touch or arm strength to make accurate throws down the field anymore.

The evidence of this was abundant watching him against Philadelphia’s porous secondary. Manning finished with a 66.1 quarterback rating and missed numerous throws. Now the Giants must hope the 2019 quarterback class produces a quality starter, otherwise, this franchise is in serious trouble beyond this disaster of a season.

Best: Matt Ryan, quarterback, Atlanta Falcons

Finally, Ryan could once again experience the feeling of having a phenomenal performance and getting to celebrate it with a win.

A matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave Ryan everything he needed to put his issues from Week 5 in the rear-view mirror. The 33-year-old was outstanding on Sunday with three touchdown passes, 354 passing yards while he averaged 8.63 yards per attempt.

If not for Atlanta’s 2-4 record, Ryan would be among the favorites to win MVP this year. In six games this year, Ryan has 16 touchdowns and just two interceptions with a 69.6 percent completion rate and has averaged 8.73 yards per attempt.