Bengals on Adam Jones: We’re not going to make any rash decisions

The┬áCincinnati Bengals are not pleased with cornerback Adam Jones’ January arrest on assault charges and pending legal trouble. But they aren’t willing to say that it will impact his spot on the roster.

“We’re not going to make any rash, harsh, fast decisions about the future of our football team without all the information,” player personnel director Duke Tobin said, per ESPN. “We don’t have an update on that. His status on our team is like a lot of players’ status on our team. He’s got to earn his way like everyone else does. Where this goes, I cannot predict it, but we are certainly not going to make a decision on him without more information.”

Tobin also had this to add.

“It was disappointing for us to see him display what he displayed. It is a poor reflection of him and it’s not indicative of who he is in our opinion. I think Adam is better than that.”

Jones is certainly no stranger to off-field trouble. It’s something he’s repeatedly dealt with throughout his NFL career.

Given the number of discipline problems (on and off field) that the Bengals have had, it’s a little surprising to see them take this approach. At a certain point, a strong reaction that signals “we’re not putting up with this anymore” would be expected.

Obviously Cincinnati is not at that point yet. The only question now is, when will the Bengals get there?