Bengals’ John Ross afraid that injury was ‘life threatening’

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross has dealt with numerous injuries since the team made him a top-10 pick back in 2017.

None of the injuries Ross suffered through in his first two NFL seasons compares to the severity of the sternoclavicular joint injury that has kept him out since Week 4.

In fact, the former Washington standout feared that said injury was life threatening.

“I asked him (the doctor) ‘could it be life-threatening?’ And he said ‘definitely,’” Ross noted, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “He said it was a couple inches off or something like that from hitting the artery. I didn’t want to know any more after that. I said ‘as long as you fix me, I’m fine.’”

Otherwise known as the SC joint, Ross’ injury occurred near the clavicle and sternum. It’s one of four joints that compose the shoulder complex.

Needless to say, injuries in that region can be serious.

The good news here is that Ross will be getting back on to the field this week. He started the season out strong, recording 16 receptions or 328 yards and three touchdowns in his first four seasons.