Ben Simmons savages Hawks while convincing KAT to stay up and play video games

On Tuesday night, Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons was up late playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and was trying to convince Karl-Anthony Towns to play a round with him when he utterly savaged the Atlanta Hawks.

After asking KAT who he was playing Wednesday, Simmons said, “You’ve got PLENTY of time.”

To be fair to Simmons, the Hawks are pretty darn awful. They coming into Wednesday’s action with a record of 21-53. Meanwhile, Towns’ T-Wolves are the No. 8 seed in the west with a record of 42-33. They shouldn’t have any problem taking down Atlanta.

Still, that was a pretty sick burn by Simmons. He has no respect for the Hawks and clearly has been learning from the grandmaster of social media burns, Joel Embiid.

Also, the Hawks have taken some notice, so you know it’s become bulletin-board material.