Ben Simmons joins #RaiseTheCat movement gaining steam with 76ers fans

Ben Simmons

The Philadelphia 76ers are starting to look like a team fans can really get behind with a tremendous streak of eight wins in their last 10 games. As a way to celebrate the accomplishment, a new movement unintentionally started by rookie forward Ben Simmons is gaining some serious steam.

Fans have been celebrating wins by hoisting cats in the air and posting with the hashtag #RaiseTheCat.



Though, it’s worth pointing out he didn’t even know how the movement got started in the first place.


Apparently, it all began when Simmons posted on Instagram last week with a cat on his shoulder.


Now that he understands the #RaiseTheCat celebratory movement, the rookie is getting into the spirit along with his fans, who no doubt adore him for joining them in this bit of Twitter fun.


Simmons has been out of commission since before the season began with a broken foot. Though, he’s expected to return soon, with the latest reports suggesting he could make his pro debut after the All-Star break (more on that here).

Given the recent run of success for Philly and its fans, getting Simmons to join in on the fun on the court would only add to the exuberance currently being felt by a fan base that hasn’t had any real reason to celebrate for a long time.